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Why buy from ERA?

Recipes with functional ingredients

With a high biological value and great digestibility, obtaining recipes full of flavor that will make your pet enjoy every bite.

Fresh Meat as the first ingredient

The main ingredient in ERA brand recipes is fresh meat with proteins of high biological value and great digestibility.

Excellent taste

Each kibble provides an irresistible flavor that will make your dog enjoy every bite.


We not only assist you throughout the purchase process, but we also offer you the information you need to take care of your pet.

Cunipic's Worlds


Everything you can imagine is right here! We will help you with everything related to your pet so that you know how to take care of it, feed it and play with it.


Our recipes are made with high quality, natural and nutritious ingredients so that your pet can enjoy an irresistible and nutritious meal every day.


Cunipic is a brand by and for animal lovers, where our passion leads us to seek new ways to promote their growth, health and happiness.