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On Cunipic we have years of experience in pet food. Discover all the products in our pet food shop small mammals.

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Recipes with functional ingredients

With a high biological value and great digestibility, achieving recipes full of flavour that will make your pet enjoy every bite.

Developed by professionals

We work with veterinarians and nutritionists to help keep your pet healthy and strong throughout its life.

Our hay and plants

We grow our own hay, taking care of the whole process, from sowing, growing and harvesting to bagging, in order to obtain the best possible quality product.


Not only we take care of you throughout the whole purchase process, but also we offer the information you need to care of your pet.

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Why choose Cunipic as your food shop for small mammals?

At Cunipic we have years of experience in the animal feed sector. Our secret? We only make our feed for small mammals with 100% fresh and natural ingredients and natural ingredients.

You will also receive personalised treatment. We will answer your questions without obligation and whenever you need it. In addition, we have at your disposal food for small mammals of all kindssuch as hedgehogs, chinchillas and guinea pigs, among others.

What should you consider before buying food from small mammals?

To ensure your pet enjoys good health and complete well-being, you need to consider its diet. It should be nutritious and balanced, containing the necessary proteins, vitamins and minerals necessary for its proper development.

As pets, they are animals that require a specific diet, as they are very delicateas they are very delicate animals. That is why you should take the best possible care of their diet, and only have the best food for small mammals.

The hay is the staple food of these small animals and there is a wide variety on the market, such as apple, carrot, dandelion, wild fruits, etc. The straw or alfalfa are some of the ingredients they usually consume as a food supplement.

It is recommended to feed them twice a day based on vegetables, fruit and feed containing at least 20% fibre, 3% fat and 15% protein. It is important to measure the amounts so that they do not put on too much weight, as they tend to do so often without a balanced diet and exercise.

What do we have in our feed shop for small mammals?

At Cunipic we have a wide selection of food for small mammals with fresh and quality ingredients.

Find out about all the products below and give your pet the best feed for small mammals.


Extrudates are feedstuffs produced in kibble form at low temperature. They retain all essential nutrients in a homogenous mix, based on the "all in one" feeding system. all-in-one feeding system..


These are our premium productssuitable for all types of rodents. This rabbit food is adapted to their size and is enriched with vitamins, cereals, calcium and dried fruits.


It is the main food of the small mammals. That is why at Cunipic we value this product and only have the best quality. In addition, they help dental wear and tearso necessary in these small mammals.

Our hay products are harvested directly from the mountains and combined with herbs and flowers to intensify their aroma and freshness. herbs and flowers to intensify their aroma and freshness.. We also have different types of food available for small mammals in the form of hay for a varied diet.


The best food for small mammals in snack form. In this section we have several products available with quality ingredients and no added sugars. In addition, they are highly palatable and help with dental wear.

They also serve as a supplement your rodent's daily diet They contain fibre and improve digestion.

Advantages of buying food for small mammals online at Cunipic

At Cunipic we work with our own brands in order to always obtain the best food for small mammals on the market. In addition, your rodent will have the following benefits:

- All-in-one products with low-temperature extruded food, to preserve all the nutrients of the to preserve all nutrients.

- Our feed and hay for small mammals is made from 100% fresh ingredients, which means you get a product that is made with love and care. made with love and of the highest quality.

- It is an easily digestible feed for ferrets that are easy to digestThey are easy to digest, very tasty and made from formulas to improve their health.

- Food for small mammals such as hamsters, guinea pigs, hedgehogs, chinchillas, degus, squirrels and gerbils.

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On Cunipic we give you all the facilities to buy food for small mammals online and with all the comforts. Place your order through our website and we will take care of everything.

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