CUNIPIC is a leading European company in the breeding of small exotic mammals and in the production and marketing of food and hygiene and wellness products for pets.
During the last years we have been working on how to enhance the beneficial effects of pharmacological treatments. The use of herbs with medicinal properties is something that has been used for many years and represents a qualitative leap in the formulation of pet food.

We started our journey in 1994, raising animals, mainly rabbits and rodents and in a few years we became the leader in the Spanish market for the sale of small companion animals, such as rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, chinchillas, etc. In November 2005, we diversified our activity and began to market our own pet food line, which we later expanded with care and hygiene products for them.

We have our own farms where we grow vegetables, fresh hay and all the ingredients that we use to manufacture our range of products, which already has more than a hundred references. Our passion for animals led us to embark on a very exciting project in 2018, dog food. We created the ERA dog food brand following the same philosophy of the company of creating quality food, nutritionally appropriate, beneficial and of course with an exquisite taste.

We currently export to more than 30 countries, providing our customers with both our quality pets and the appropriate food and hygiene products for them, betting, above all, on natural, functional and tasty ingredients so that they enjoy a longer life. healthy and happy.

All of us who work at CUNIPIC love animals.

The great success of our company is having created a whole world around small rodents and pets. From stores to consumers, we teach people to love and care for their pets, making them known and understood and giving them the opportunity to offer them high-quality food and products.

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